Mesu Strategies builds ecosystems for equity by strengthening the partnerships and effectiveness of leaders to create healthy and sustainable communities where all people have the opportunity to participate and prosper.


How We Work

We are committed to advancing a just and inclusive society, one in which current and future generations all experience the conditions to flourish and thrive. 

We believe that everyone has a role to play in advancing this vision.

We provide strategic guidance and analytical support to leaders in communities and organizations to find and focus the equity lens in their policy, program, and organizational change efforts, and to strengthen the impact of their work.

Our approach involves:


Leveraging equitable evaluation and action research strategies to expose, understand and tackle the root causes and consequences of inequities


Building inclusive, courageous leadership within and across disciplines, sectors, and communities to spark equitable organizational and systems change


Generating informed, innovative and effective policy and program strategies to transform conditions that will advance liberty and justice for all


Our Firm

We are a multiracial, multicultural research and strategy firm guided by values of collaboration, creativity, quality, and impact.   

We thrive on diverse, interdisciplinary partnerships with community leaders, collaboratives, organizations, and others working to accelerate social change.

Our partners are people whose stories and experiences matter, as well as those leading community development organizations, local and regional public agencies, state, national and international foundations, and others who can change systems.

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Our Partners

We have had the privilege of partnering with many esteemed leaders across fields and sectors. Some of them include:


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